A dental tool holding a Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Bracket with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive.

3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive

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Revolutionize your orthodontic bonding.

The current system of adding adhesive to a bracket works fine, but the 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive Coated Appliance System works even better—and faster. The system’s next generation, resin-soaked non-woven mats adhere to the enamel for a more reliable orthodontic bond with no need for flash removal.

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    Fewer orthodontic bonding steps

    Reduce bonding time with fewer overall bonding steps than traditional light-cure adhesive systems.*

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    Average bond failure rate less than 2%*

    The average bond failure rate is 60% lower than the industry average labial bond failure rate within 90 days of bonding.

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    No need for adhesive flash clean-up*

    A smooth meniscus forms to seal the tooth surface around the edges of the bracket.*

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    40% reduction in procedure time**

    Early users reduced the time required for bracket placement, positioning, and clean-up vs. other bonding systems by 40%.**

Why contend with adhesive flash?

Traditional paste adhesives can leave uneven adhesive clumps around the edges of brackets. Removing the excess is exhausting and ridden with issues. If not cleared away properly, adhesive flash can cause bacteria to accumulate. If too much is cleared, it can create voids under the bracket where plaque can accumulate.

3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive forms a smooth meniscus when the adhesive-coated bracket is seated, which seals the tooth surface around the edges of the bracket and protects the tooth underneath.

A close-up of 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive on a bracket. A close-up of traditional adhesive on a bracket.

3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive (pictured left) vs. traditional adhesive (pictured right)

What 3M customers are saying

Top tier performance powered by 3M technologies

Advanced technology platforms – including nanotechnology, adhesives, and nonwoven materials – combine to deliver the innovative design of 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive.

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    A reliable bond with nonwoven materials.

    3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive is made of a web of micron-sized polypropylene fibres. This structure provides the necessary thickness and loft needed for a reliable bond, with minimal bracket drift after placement.*

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    Strong orthodontic bonding without flash removal.

    3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive provides bond strength comparable to 3M™ Transbond™ XT Adhesive and 3M™ APC™ II Adhesive,* but without adhesive flash.

  • A close-up of the top of a bracket with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive.
    A smooth, even, hygienic seal.

    When compressed on the tooth, the pre-coated resin forms a smooth meniscus around the bracket base. This creates an even seal to protect the enamel under the surface of the bracket from acid erosion caused by microleakage.

Featured products with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive

3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive is available on five appliance choices for complete 7x7 bonding, and is compatible with both metal and ceramic brackets. Explore all of the precoated bracket options, and other complementary orthodontic solutions.

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* 3M data on file.
** JCO bond failure rate – 5% avg. bond failure rate for labial bonding from 2014 report, p. 617