3M™ Victory Series™ Low Profile Bracket System

Embrace efficiency with this low-profile bracket solution.

Get the efficient experience both you and your patients deserve when you choose the low-profile approach of the 3M™ Victory Series™ Low Profile Bracket System. The bracket system can even come pre-coated with our revolutionary 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive, delivering less chair time and a bracket bond failure rate of less than 2%.

Consistency and control, delivered efficiently.

This bracket system delivers for both you and your patients. Here’s how.

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    Natural Adaptation

    The rhomboid design’s flatter, compounded radius accommodates naturally occurring variation in tooth surfaces, assuring three-point contact for increased tooth adaptation.

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    Uncompromised Positioning

    Despite the low profile of the bracket, mesial-distal dimension is not compromised.

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    Consistent Outcomes

    By delivering uncompromising levels of control throughout the treatment process, this bracket system ensures consistent patient outcomes. Deliver those outcomes more efficiently when you get the bracket system pre-coated with APC Flash-Free Adhesive.

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    Versatile Simplicity

    Ample under tie-wing area is integral to the design so you don’t have to sacrifice bracket size for easy ligation.

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    Plan treatment with intuitive technology.

    Bond a full arch of 3M brackets all at once with the 3M™ Digital Bonding System. Can you say revolutionary?

  • Dental bonding adhesive.
    Save even more time during bonding appointments.

    Revolutionize your bonding with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive, a solution that reduces bracket bond failures and leads to increased efficiencies for your practice.

Be ready for every procedure.

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  • Available in single-use foil packs with pre-measured etchant and light-cure primer, enough to etch and prime one arch, to be used with a disposable applicator.

  • Stainless steel construction is easy to clean and disinfect after every appointment, while curing fast and reducing chair time.

  • Offered in single-use packaging, individually sealed until your patient’s appointment.

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