Hand holding a dental bonding tray with a laptop in the background displaying a corrective plan.

3M™ Digital Bonding System

Streamline your protocol by bonding an entire arch of brackets at once.

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93% of surveyed doctors agree 3M™ Digital Bonding is a superior bonding solution.*

*3M internal data on file.

  • Digital bonding tray with four key hotspots to mouseover.

    The 3M™ Digital Bonding System allows you to design truly customized treatment plans that bring added efficiencies to your practice.

Dual Tray Technology

Inner soft gel tray conforms to the anatomy and ensures easy removal. Hard outer shell adds rigidity and supports tray placement.

Tray System Compatibility

Compatible with 3M™ Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Brackets, 3M™ Victory Series™ Low Profile Brackets and 3M™ Victory Series™ Superior Fit Buccal Tubes.

Blue Midline Marker

Marker assists with tray alignment when seating.

Bracket Pocket Design

Pocket design makes it easy to load while keeping the bracket firmly seated throughout the bonding procedure.

  • Design a customized treatment plan in the 3M™ Oral Care Portal
  • The customized appliance is manufactured by 3M and shipped to your office
  • When paired with our proprietary 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free pre-coated brackets, the appliance delivers brackets to teeth — an entire arch at once — with precision and accuracy
  • Woman viewing her smile in a handheld mirror after corrective orthodontics.

    What is the 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive?

    The orthodontic adhesive is designed for time savings:

    • No adhesive needed, requisite adhesive is soaked into the non-woven mesh pad
    • Pad is precoated on base of bracket
    • Each bracket is sealed in its own package
    • Remove the bracket from its package and place on tooth
    • Once positioned, there is no excess adhesive or flash
    • Light cure after positioning and bonding is done

100% of surveyed doctors agree the 3M™ Digital Bonding System shortens their bonding appointments.*

  • Female orthodontist at her desk in her office.
    “My [Digital Bonding] cases look amazing!”
  • Female orthodontist in her home with fireplace in the background.
    “It’s been really amazing and reduced my staff’s workload dramatically.”
  • Male orthodontist in his office with degrees on the background wall.
    “The Oral Care Portal has made it so easy to upload the case and the precision is spot on.”
  • Male orthodontist in his patient waiting area.
    “One of the huge improvements is speed.”

*3M internal data on file.

Screenshot of a patient's digital treatment plan using aligners and brackets.

Supported by the 3M™ Oral Care Portal.

The 3M™ Digital Bonding System leverages the web-based Oral Care Portal. Harness the power of 3M data, materials science and unparalleled support to deliver efficient treatment options in a single workflow.

You plan the strategy. We provide the tools to make it work.

The bonding process with 3M™ Digital Bonding is quicker than traditional direct bonding and other orthodontic adhesives, allowing you to optimize your time and enhance your practice's overall efficiency.

  • Icon of a set of teeth displayed on a monitor.
    1. Scan

    Scan STL files to the Oral Care Portal.

  • Icon of a planning checklist.
    2. Plan

    Plan the perfect treatment for your patient in one workflow.

  • Icon of an orthodontic bonding tray.
    3. Produce

    3M will manufacture and send a custom bonding tray.

  • Icon of an orthodontic bonding tray with brackets.
    4. Load

    Load the brackets in the trays and store until bonding.

  • Icon of brackets bonding to top row of teeth.
    5. Bond

    Bond the brackets to the patient.

Screenshot of a laptop displaying info on 3M Digital Bonding for orthodontics.

Intuitive software. Integrated approach.

The 3M™ Digital Bonding System is simplified and straightforward—saving you time, increasing your practice’s efficiency and improving your patient’s experiences during the orthodontic bonding procedure.

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From product questions to troubleshooting, our sales and service experts are ready to help. Call 1-800-443-1661 or send us a message.

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