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Digital Bonding

Bonding will never be the same.

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Decrease chair time, increase patient comfort and control outcomes with 3M™ Digital Bonding. This new system allows you to select the right tools for each case while using integrated treatment planning delivered via intuitive software. It’s the future of bonding in orthodontics.

  • It’s in the details.

    Our scientific approach ensures the 3M™ Digital Bonding System is easy to use and helps you create beautiful smiles.

    Our scientific approach ensures the 3M™ Digital Bonding System is easy to use and helps you create beautiful smiles.

Tray system

Brackets come pre-coated with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive.

Tray system compatibility

Compatible with 3M™ Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Brackets, 3M™ Victory Series™ Low Profile Brackets, and 3M™ Victory Series™ Superior Fit Buccal Tubes.

Bracket pocket design

Pocket design makes it easy to load while keeping the bracket seated throughout the procedure.

Dual tray technology

Inner soft gel tray conforms and offers easy removal. Hard outer shell adds rigidity and supports placement.

Blue midline marker

Markers assists with tray alignment when seating.

You plan the strategy. Our tools help make it work.

  • An icon of a clock.
    Streamlined, shorter bonding appointments.
  • An icon of a knight and pawn chess pieces.
    Select the right tools for each case.
  • An icon of a central larger circle connected to five smaller circles by lines.
    More flexibility to control the outcome.
  • An icon of a monitor.
    Intuitive software. Integrated treatment planning.
  • An icon of a thumbs-up.
    Give your patients the experience they deserve.

  • A video still showing a monitor with teeth on it.

    Seamless Digital Workflow

    With the 3M™ Digital Bonding System you can bond a full arch of brackets all at once. This not only helps decrease chair time, it can help to ensure the accuracy of the bracket placement. Our open, web-based platform, 3M™ Oral Care Portal, allows you to control to design truly customizable treatment options for your patients.
  •     An icon of a scanner.       
    Upload to treatment planning software.
  •     An icon of a geometric compass.       
    Design your custom treatment plan.
  •     An icon of a cog wheel.       
    Custom tray made by 3M in the USA.
  •     An icon of tweezers.       
    Load brackets into the tray prior to patient’s arrival.
  •     An icon of teeth.       
    Tray is loaded and ready to go.

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  • Our innovative design creates a unique adhesive bonding substrate on the base of the bracket that saves you time by eliminating the need for flash clean up.

  • These brackets deliver brilliant esthetics, small design, predictable debonding and enhanced patient comfort and are compatible with the tray system.

  • Unique design offers three point contact, rotational control and a smooth radius for patient comfort. They are compatible with the tray system.
  • The 3M™ Digital Bonding System provides added efficiency and accuracy throughout the bonding process with the added convenience of being able to create customized combination treatment plans in the 3M™ Oral Care Portal.

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