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Orthodontic Adhesives

Achieve reliable bond retention, performance, and efficacy.

At the heart of successful orthodontics is a strong, unquestionable bond between enamel and brackets. From light cure and chemical cure, to adhesive-coated brackets and banding systems, find orthodontic adhesives for your practice.

Orthodontic Adhesive Types

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Featured Product: 3M™ Transbond™ Plus Self Etching Primer

Reducing the occurrence of generating aerosols should not compromise procedure effectiveness. 3M's self-etching primer features unique chemistry and an exclusive delivery system that allows you to etch and prime in one step, removing the traditional steps of rinsing and drying the enamel between application of etch and primer.

  • Nine packages of 3M™ Transbond™ Plus Self Etching Primer.
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    By combining the etchant and primer, removes the rinsing and drying steps traditionally occur in between.

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    Can be air dried for 60 seconds instead of an air burst after application.

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    Available in unit dose dispensing.

3M Orthodontic Adhesives are backed by more than a century of innovation in material science. 3M’s adhesive technologies are trusted in applications from Post-it® Notes to bandages to airplanes.

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  • Select the right tools for each case while using integrated treatment planning delivered via intuitive software. It’s the future of bonding in orthodontics.

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