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3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Water Positive Control, LWATP10 3M™ Coconut Protein Rapid Kit L25COC, 25 tests per kit 3M™ Cashew Protein Rapid Kit L25CHW, 25 tests per kit 3M™ Fraser Broth Base, BP0210500, 500 g 3M™ Sponge-Stick, SSL10LET, Letheen Broth, 10 mL, 4 cm x 8 cm 3M™ Plain Sample Bag, BP1015LP, 135 oz, 4 mil, 10 in x 15 in 3M™ Transfer Pipette, TP100, 100 per pack 3M™ Pipettor Filters, 65FILTER 3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Coliform Count Plates, 6402, 50 per box 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Water Plus - Total ATP, AQT200 3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicator, 9860E, 26°C, 48 hours 3M™ Pipettor Grease, 65GREASE, 20g tube 3M™ Peanut Protein Rapid Kit L25PNT, 25 tests per kit 3M™ Enrichment Pouch, QEBPWIS225, buffered peptone water broth (ISO), 225 mL (7.61 fl. oz.) 3M™ Blender Bag with Filter, BP914S, no wire tie, 55 oz, 3 mil, 7 in x 12 in 3M™ Pine Nut Protein ELISA Kit, E96PNE, 96 wells per kit 3M™ Walnut Protein ELISA Kit, E96WAL, 96 wells per kit 3M™ Molecular Detection Matrix Control, MDMC96NA, 96 tests 3M™ Bovine Total Milk Protein ELISA Kit, E96MLK, 96 wells per kit 3M™ Petrifilm™ Flat Spreader, 6425, 2 per box 3M™ Quick Swab Rack, 443-3011 3M™ Crustacean Protein ELISA Kit, E96CRU, 96 wells per kit 3M™ Demi Fraser Broth Base, BP0118005, 2.5 kg
A person wearing orange gloves and a blue apron selects fish for processing inside a seafood production facility.
Fish and Seafood

Use 3M solutions to help you monitor the plant environment including allergen control and test raw materials and finished product. Easy-to-use and accurate testing that provide results you can count on.