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Pathogen Testing

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3M™ Swab-Sampler, RS96010DE, DE Neutralizing Broth, 10mL 3M™ Plain Sample Bag, BP111S, 4 oz, 2.5 mil, 3 in x 7 in 3M™ Pipettor Grease, 65GREASE, 20g tube 3M™ Listeria Enrichment UVM Modified Broth, BP0255005, 2.5 kg 3M™ Salmonella Express Enrichment Base, SEB025, 2.5 Kg 3M™ Bird Rinse, BRBFD400, Butterfield's Buffer, 400 mL 3M™ Sponge-Stick, SSL10BPW, Buffered Peptone Water Broth, 10 mL, 4 cm x 8 cm 3M™ Mechanical Pipettor, 6501, single channel, 100 -1000 ul 3M™ Hydrated Sponge with Gloves, HS10DE2G, D/E Neutralizing Buffer, 10 mL, 4 cm x 8 cm 3M™ Electronic Pipettor II Battery Assembly, 65BATT 3M™ Molecular Detection Instrument, MDS100 3M™ Demi Fraser Broth Base, BP0118500, 500 g 3M™ Cattle Bottles, USDA25BPW, Buffered Peptone Water, 25 mL 3M™ Standard Methods Agar, BP0295500, 500 g 3M™ Printable Sample Bag BP127S, 22 oz, 3 mil, 5.5 in x 9 in 3M™ Dilution Pouch, QDBFD99, Butterfield's Buffer, 99 mL 3M™ Hydrated Sponge with Gloves, HS10NB2G, Neutralizing Buffer, 10 mL, 4 cm x 8 cm 3M™ Molecular Detection Matrix Control, MDMC96NA, 96 tests 3M™ Hydrated Sponge with Gloves, HS10BPW2G, Buffered Peptone Water Broth, 10 mL, 4 cm x 8 cm BPW025 BPWISO BROTH, 2.5KG 1/EA 3M™ Plain Sample Bag, BP1015LP, 135 oz, 4 mil, 10 in x 15 in 3M™ Plain Sample Bag, BP134S, 12 oz, 2.5 mil, 4.5 in x 7.5 in 3M™ Enrichment Pouch, QETSB225, Tryptic Soy Broth, 225 mL 3M™ Pipettor Tips, 6485, racked, non-sterile, 1 mL
A white 3M™ Molecular Detection Instrument, eight boxes of 3M™ Molecular Detection Assay, and a computer monitor.
Pathogen Testing

Take action with 3M's Pathogen Testing products to quickly collect and read more microbiological test results in less time, allowing you to take corrective actions sooner to help protect consumers from foodborne pathogens.