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Fulfillment Solutions

Welcome to the future of fulfilment, — because ecommerce and fulfillment are changing every day.

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Help keep packages secure and sealed from fulfillment to the doorstep.

Surging online orders are putting unprecedented demand on fulfillment operations, but consumers still expect and demand both speed and security when they place an order. The need to quickly and securely seal packages and get them out the door into the hands of customers is a huge differentiator in the e-fulfillment industry. 3M can help your productivity with our solutions for fast, consistent and safe sealing, day after day.

The Four Cornerstones of eCommerce and Fulfillment

  • An icon of a speedometer.
    • Tape cases quickly and keep them closed down the packaging line
    • Change the height and width of cases automatically, allowing you to run multiple packaging lines through one case sealer
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    • Automate virtually jam-free to keep the packaging line moving
    • Make automatic height and width adjustments to seal a variety of case sizes without interruptions
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    • Easily close cases with a strong polypropylene backed tape with a hot melt adhesive that sticks to most surfaces, even boxes with 100% recycled content
    • Reduce box feed error with the help of Programmable Logic Control, plus a tape application monitoring option
  • An icon of a thumbs up in front of a box sealed with tape.
    • Securely close cases with a strong adhesive bond to help prevent tape failure and “loose flap” tampering
    • Move cartons through the sealer without skewing or tipping with top and bottom belts, so tape is applied firmly and evenly

Fulfillment Solution Categories

  • The end of your production line is no place for a bottleneck. Depending on your box type, closure method and production runs, there’s a durable and reliable 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer designed to deliver consistent, reliable case sealing so you can send merchandise efficiently and be confident it will arrive safely.

  • Trusting your tape can help make you confident of safe delivery. From tapes designed for specific situations to packing list envelopes and other packaging accessories, we can give both you and your customers more confidence that what you ship is what they receive.

Featured Products

  • Designed specifically for flexibility and conformability under stress, this tape closes a wide variety of heavy-weight boxes and is ideal for food and beverage, electronics, fulfillment and ecommerce.

  • Closing a wide variety of boxes and materials including recycled corrugate, fibreboard and liner paper, this hot melt tape offers quick stick to a variety of surfaces and resists abrasion, moisture and scuffing and was designed specifically for flexibility and conformability to seal edges and rough surfaces.

  • Offering reliable performance over a broad range of temperatures and demanding applications, this tape is engineered to provide excellent adhesion and durability even when regularly exposed to shipping hazards and cold temperatures. This tape also offers quick stick to a variety of surfaces, including highly recycled corrugated fibreboard boxes, and is abrasion, moisture, and scuffing resistant.

  • Adjusting for case height and width automotically, this random size case sealer can be fed by multiple packaging lines and can seal up to 28 different case sizes per minute while keeping cases aligned during taping — ensuring consistent, reliable taping.

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