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Wet installation of 3M™ Paint Protection Film.

Vehicle Paint Protection Film Installers

3M designs, formulates and manufactures 3M™ Paint Protection Film for optimum performance and durability.

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Introducing the improved 3M™ Pattern and Solutions Centre

Our software has received major upgrades. Find out how we've improved based on your feedback.

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  • 3M™ Pattern and Solutions Centre
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    Simplify the installation process with pattern cutting software for 3M™ Paint Protection Films and automotive window films. The extensive and comprehensive database includes hundreds of patterns with the option to create custom patterns through the “design and edit” feature. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily view, select, and track pattern selections. Save time with the new speed cut feature which is pre-loaded with easy-to-download drivers for most plotters. To help support the software, 3M provides training that includes video tutorials, monthly webinars and local seminars that make it even easier for professional applicators to improve efficiency and use advance features.

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  • Paint Protection Film Website Resources
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    As a certified installer, your company name will be included in our list of installers on the paint protection film website and leads will automatically be sent to you. The website also includes videos and information to help consumers make educated choices. In addition, our installers can watch installation training videos, find their distributor or get answers to frequently asked questions.

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A worker applying 3M™ Paint Protection Film to the front fender of a red truck.

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