Product shot: cold shrink splice

Learn more about the alternative to heat shrink

Join the future. Discover what 3M™ Cold Shrink can do for you. From easier installation to improved environmental sealing, this video breaks it down.

See how easy it is to install a QS-III splice and QT-III termination
Worker installing a cold shrink splice.

Connecting Decades

3M fosters a culture of continuous improvement. This year we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the third generation of 3M™ Cold Shrink Cable Accessories, QT-III terminations and QS-III splices.

Like you, cold shrink cable accessories work behind the scenes. However, quality and performance can make or break a project. In 2017, let's celebrate all of the hidden heroes that help keep the lights on!

The cold shrink revolution

The story of 3M began in 1902, when Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. was established as a mining operation. A few decades later the electrical industry was taken by storm with the invention of Scotch® Vinyl Electrical Tape in 1946. That was just the beginning.

Our desire to provide you with solutions that enhance safety, productivity and reliability led us to the invention of yet another technology that revolutionized the electrical industry, 3M™ Brand Cold Shrink tubing.

Proven in the field for decades but never happy to rest on our laurels, continuous improvement efforts brought significant enhancements to the technology in 1996-97. The third generation of Cold Shrink cable accessories - QT-III and QS-III - resulted in faster and easier installations than ever before.

Flashback to the launch of the 3M™ QS-III and QT-III Cold Shrink Cable Accessories

Product shot: cold shrink splice.
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Always working behind the scenes

Celebrating 20 years of easier installations and excellent reliability

Cold shrink cable accessories made even better

  • A worker preparing a cold shrink splice.

    The cool science of cold shrink technology

    Fast and easy one-step-installation

    • Enables installation in 1/3 of the time or less compared to heat shrink
    • No special tools or work permits required
    • Easier to install in tight spaces or inclement weather
    • Easy to learn and train

    Long-term reliability

    -0.067% for cold shrink molded joints/splices

    -0.022% for cold shrink terminations

    • Dynamic "living seal" expands and contracts with variations in temperature and load on the cable
    • Designed to last the life of the cable while ensuring excellent electrical performance
    • Low failure rates*:

    *Data based upon U.S. failure data of U.S. manufactured 3M™ Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Cable Accessories between 2009 and 2012

  • A propane tank and a torch.

    Why we recommend cold shrink for medium voltage connections

    Heat shrink can be a good insulator for electrical connections. However, we only recommend its use for low voltage, small scale applications. For medium voltage (5kV and up) applications, you must consider the following:

    More complex installation

    • Performance highly dependent on installer skill
    • Requires torch and hot work permit
    • Increases required time and potentially costs
    • Installation may require shut-down for facilities containing combustible gasses

    Reliability concerns

    • Non-integrated design does not allow for factory testing for medium voltage splices
    • Creates a static seal that does not expand or contract with the cable, potentially leading to the creation of voids between the cable accessory and the cable, which may potentially lead to failure

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Building customer value

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