Step 3: Find your product.

Finally, use your height (H) width (W) measurements in the search by screen size product finder. 



Measuring Guide

Instructions to correctly measure your device screen to find the right size products


Step 1: Determine screen type.

First, determine if your device has a raised bezel or a flat front glass screen.

  • Raised Bezel

    Raised Bezel

    These screens have a raised frame around the edges.

  • Flat Front Glass

    Flat Front Glass

    These screens have edge-to-edge glass without a raised frame.

  • Raised Bezel

    Raised Bezel

    Measure the height (H) and width (W) of the screen's viewable area making sure to measure within the bezel.

  • Flat Front Glass Measurement

    Flat Front Glass

    Measure the height (H) and width (W) of the entire glass display making sure to measure all the way from edge-to-edge.

Step 2: Measure your screen

Next, measure your screen according to the screen type you have.

Product Finder

Search by your device brand and model to find a product that fits.

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