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If only visual hackers were this easy to spot.

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An infographic depicting someone walking into an office and seeing the screen of someone working there.

Take a walk around your office. Can you see the information on your workers' screens? If you can see it, so can a visual hacker.

The Visual Hacking Experiments

In an eye-opening study, Ponemon Institute exposed visual hacking as an under-addressed, low-tech threat to U.S. companies.

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In 2016, we teamed up with Ponemon Institute again to prove that visual hacking is a global problem.The results are alarming.

  • An image of a stylized person carrying a large board covered in various charts with the text ‘91% of the time.’

    Visual Hacking is easy.

    Ninety-one percent of visual hacking trials were successful.

  • A stylized person looking at a screen that reads ‘less than 15 minutes.’

    It happens quickly.

    In almost half of the trials, the hacker obtained information within 15 minutes.

  • A stylized person walking past a computer monitor that reads ‘52%.’

    Computer screens are at risk.

    Globally, 52% of sensitive information was visually hacked from computer screens.

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