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Pavement marking resources


  • The cover of a 3M Pavement Marking brochure, showing a car driving down a road.
  • Visibility for drivers. Guidance for vehicles. Safer roads for everyone.

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  • A still from a pavement markings video showing the pavement markings for a railroad crossing.
  • Why pavement markings matter.

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A wet highway at night with pavement markings.

Pavement markings

Guide drivers during the day or night, in dry or rainy conditions, with durable, high-performance pavement markings for all types of roadway applications.

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Pavement marking products

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  • Durable pavement marking tapes

    Reflective tape for permanent road applications.

  • Temporary pavement marking tapes

    Removable, highly reflective, all-weather pavement markings for safer temporary work zones.

  • Liquid pavement markings

    Liquid markings for all-weather visibility in any climate for long lines, channelizing, gore markings, and intersection markings.

  • Raised pavement markers

    Durable, highly reflective raised markers that are impact resistant and suitable for all weather conditions and road surfaces.

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