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Pavement markings, visible on a wet highway at night.

Wet reflective pavement markings

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In nighttime wet and rainy conditions, traditional pavement markings may disappear, leading to reduced driver visibility. Help drivers get home safely in both day and night, wet and dry conditions with wet reflective pavement markings.

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The next generation. Liquid pavement markings evolved.

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    Enhanced durability1

    • Developed to sustain stable performance
    • Featured unique 3M™ Microcrystalline Ceramic Beads which are tougher than other glass-beaded optic systems1
    • Dirt resistant
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    Increased brightness1

    • Offers unique microcrystalline optic technology
    • Delivers superior brightness, colour, and all-weather performance1
    • Offers true reflected colour
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    Improved technology1

    • Offers continuous wet retroreflectivity
    • Improved colour both during the day and at night1
    • Supports machine vision (contrast and lumination)

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What drivers see:

  • A bend in a rural road during the day.

    Daytime (dry)

    The non-wet retroreflective white symbols and lines and the wet retroreflective lines are visible.

  • A bend in a rural road at night.

    Nighttime (dry)

    Both non-wet retroreflective and wet retroreflective materials are visible.

  • A bend in a wet rural road at night.

    Nighttime (wet)

    The non-wet retroreflective lines and symbols appear to vanish, but the wet retroreflective markings remain visible.

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Wet reflective product families

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Discover how 3M™ Wet Reflective Pavement Markings can help keep drivers safe

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  1. As compared to previous 3M™ All Weather Elements. Based on an internal study conducted by 3M. Data on file.
  2. Forbes. Most Dangerous Times To Drive. Jan. 2009
  3. DOT/FHWA. Ten-year averages from 2005 to 2014 analyzed by Booz Allen Hamilton, based on NHTSA data. 2005-2014
  4. Compared to previous generation of 3M™ All Weather Elements and several other commercially-available pavement marking optics.
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