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Better water is better for business.

Help improve product consistency, customer experiences, business continuity and your bottom line with filtration solutions from 3M.

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Quality water filtration is key to your success.

Restaurants, cafés, quick-service restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and other foodservice outlets rely on fresh and clean water for daily business. Controlling water quality can be vital to building customer loyalty and maintaining brand identity.

You may consider incoming water to be fixed, stable and unchanging, but quality varies widely from region to region and even street to street. High levels of dissolved minerals, the use of disinfectants and the presence of tiny solid particles — even residual bacteria — may result in unpleasant taste. Untreated water may also cause scaling on internal parts, corrosion on metal surfaces and degradation of gaskets and seals within your valuable appliances.

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Don’t choose between providing high-quality water and protecting your equipment — both are possible! Protect your business’s bottom line by implementing a filtration system that you can trust.

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Why filtration matters for your business.

Smoother coffee. Clearer ice cubes. Combi ovens running at full steam. When you work in food service, the quality of water you use is key to the right customer experience. Having quality filtration products may save time and money in the long run. Reducing impurities that may be in your water helps things taste and look better. Filtering water also helps reduce scale build-up, so your machines can run more efficiently with fewer service calls.

Quality, Taste and Consistency

One of the most noticeable problems — usually leading to customer complaints — is that untreated water may result in off-flavours. These may be caused by a number of contaminants that may be present in your water, including dissolved minerals and sediment particles or disinfectants like chlorine or chloramine. Reducing such contaminants helps products taste better. For example:

  • Coffee has a richer, more subtle flavour and is not tainted with bitterness, odour, flatness — or, on occasion, surface scum
  • Cold beverages can be made using the recommended level of syrup as there is no need to use more to hide off-flavours, and drinks have maximum fizz rather than being flat
  • Drinks from vending machines and water coolers taste better with no evidence of chlorine
  • Ice is not tainted with a ‘chlorine’ odour or sediment that makes cold drinks look and taste unpleasant
  • Equipment in which you display your food appears cleaner, with less flakes of hard water scale present in the oven
Equipment Efficiency and Life

Even if customers have no complaints over sub-standard food and beverages, low-quality water can damage machinery. One of the most damaging water quality issues is scale caused by dissolved minerals deposited onto machine surfaces. This may lead to more machine breakdowns, requiring more maintenance, and ultimately reduced machine lifetimes. For example:

  • Scale on heating elements can reduce energy efficiency as it reduces heat transfer
  • ‘Hidden’ scale — which blocks pipes, valves and other internal components — reduces flow rates and can also cause internal leaks
  • Scale build-up can cut machine lifespan despite a lifetime of increased maintenance to keep it running
Business Impact

Unhappy customers and unreliable machinery can only lead in one direction: a negative effect on business. Here are just a few examples of how poor water quality can directly affect business:

  • Machines break down more frequently, or work sporadically — and may not be available when they should be generating income, leading to an overall higher cost of ownership
  • Customers could become unsatisfied with beverage quality, therefore tarnishing the brand's reputation
  • Unreliable working conditions, regular disruption from service engineers and handling customer complaints may affect the morale of staff
  • Ultimately, this all links back to an increase in running costs for the business — and therefore reduced profits

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School Water Filtration

Help your school's water pass the lead test. Reduce up to 99% or more of the lead in your educational facility's drinking water, while reducing cysts, chlorine taste and odour, with 3M water filtration solutions.

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