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Multi-Equipment Water Filtration Products

Fewer filters means less waste and space.

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    The Challenge

    Providing filtered water to a variety of equipment can require different water characteristics and often separate systems.

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    The Solution

    3M™ Dual Port and Dual Flow systems are engineered to provide high flow rate, high capacities and the benefits of individual equipment filtration in a single compact package.

Water Filtration Products for Multiple Foodservice Machines

  • Three large, white cylindrical filter cartridges and one small white cartridge, connected by tubes with a gauge.


    Our 3M systems for multi-equipment applications provide consistent high-quality water as well as high flow rates, high capacities, and the benefits of multiple-equipment filtration in a single compact package.

  • Three large and one small, cylindrical, white water filter cartridges.

    Replacement Cartridges

    3M™ Replacement Cartridges offer a variety of solutions that can help to reduce sediment, chlorine taste and odour, scale and/or bacteria. The Sanitary Quick Change design allows for fast and easy cartridge change-outs that are sanitary by design – requiring no contact with the filter media during cartridge change-out.

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  • Two large white cylindrical water filter cartridges and one smaller one, connected by tubes with a gauge.

    Finding the right 3M™ Water Filter for multiple foodservice machines.

    With a wide array of filter types available, it can be daunting to decide which filter is most appropriate.

    Consider the following to help you find the right filter system for multiple foodservice machines:

    • Types of applications or foodservice machines (ice, cold-beverage, coffee or tea)
    • Desire to keep chlorine or chloramines in water for ice, while reducing it for beverage applications (For ice, to keep chlorine and chloramines in water, use Dual flow systems, else consider Dual port systems)
    • Number or size of machines for each application (pound per day of ice use, number of cold-beverage dispensers, coffeemakers or tea-makers)
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Need help finding the right product?

3M experts will work with you to help find the optimal 3M purification and filtration solution for your application.

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