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Simplify Safety.

"As a seller, the new 3M Safety App has helped to increase the speed in which we get customers the correct product for their application... It's easy to use and has an enormous amount of information and resources that is really great to have at your fingertips."

Maegan M.
Account Manager
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Sort. Select. Share.

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    Access over 2,400 3M™ Personal Safety Products.

    Forget figuring it out on your own. Use the Safety App to compile a list of products and accessories that meet your needs in any safety category.

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    Filter, sort and display the exact PPE you need.

    Follow a few easy steps and use the filters to navigate to the right set of products. The Safety App ensures you only select compatible products.

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    Select systems, individual products, and accessories with ease.

    Build a complex product system, like a Powered Air Respiratory Kit, simply by answering a series of questions. The 3M Safety App prompts you with unique filters or questions to arrive at only the best options.

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    Email your selections with links to literature and technical data.

    Send email on the spot that includes product data, literature, and other supporting information. With a simple tap of the screen, you can easily send a detailed summary of all the products you found.

"It is a great tool to use... I was able to find what I was looking for even with limited information... This would be beneficial for an Account Manager in the field as they are already using an iPad."

Shelly S.
Inside Sales Manager
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