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Mopping solutions

Clean from the ground up.

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Improve the look of your floors with innovative tools, components and cleaning solutions that are designed to work together. From flat mops with adjustable and ergonomic handles to removable, easy-to-fill bottles and disposable floor mop pads, 3M™ Mopping Systems save labour, and are more comfortable to use than string mops.

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The 3M™ Mopping System     View all mopping products

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Featured mopping solutions

  • A cleaner putting a cleaning solution bottle in the chemical dispensing system of the Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mopping and Floor Finish Applicator System.

    Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mopping & Floor Finish Applicator Systems

    An efficient option using a flat mop, chemical dispensing system and disposable mop pads. Simply insert the chemical bottle into the system, and cleaning solution is dispensed directly to the floor using a trigger. The disposable mop pads are also more durable, last longer and are more sanitary than microfibre pads and string mops.

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  • A red and white backpack.

    2-in-1 Backpack Finish Applicator Converter Kit

    Quickly and effectively apply cleaning chemicals or floor finishes — simply fill the backpack system or the bottle dispensing system.
  • A replacement part for a 3M™ Mopping System.

    Replaceable tools

    Help keep your tools functioning like new longer without the cost of a full replacement, using replaceable parts including hook and loop strips to backpacks to handles.
  • A hand pressing the trigger on the handle of a Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mopping and Floor Finish Applicator System.

    Trigger design

    Help reduce hand fatigue. There are four different ways to use the trigger so you don’t have to use the same motion over and over.

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  • A video still of a healthcare facility worker cleaning a floor using a 3M™ Easy Trap™ Disposable Floor Mop Pad.

    3M™ Easy Trap™ Disposable Floor Mop Pad

    Discover the perfect alternative to the typical reusable microfibre mops or string mops. 3M™ Easy Trap™ Disposable Floor Mop Pads provide “one and done” results and can be used on wet or dry floors.

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