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Introducing the Air-Pak™ X3 Pro SCBA: Cleanability, comfort and connectivity.

Designed for the modern firefighter, and compatible with the latest National Fire Protection Association standard, the Air-Pak™ X3 Pro SCBA is for those who expect the best in the most demanding conditions.

The Air-Pak™ X3 Pro SCBA is built on a foundation of redundant safety features to provide unparalleled performance in combination with enhancements on cleanability, comfort and connectivity. New harness materials offer greater resistance to chemical exposure and water absorption to help minimize contamination, along with a new shoulder design that improves donning, and minimizes pressure points to help reduce user fatigue and improve comfort. Natural articulation of the waist pad promotes a greater range of motion, while transferring weight to the hips for a more balanced load. This, in combination with improved breathability to reduce user burden, have improved the overall operational efficiency.

The new X3 Pro was designed with enhanced electronics, including Bluetooth®-enabled wireless connectivity, data transmission/retrieval, and firefighter safety and fireground accountability. It has integrated RFID tags that provide local storage of SCBA information that can be wirelessly integrated for asset tracking.

But don’t take our word for it.

Offering safety and performance from all sides, 3M™ Scott Fire & Safety has seen a rapid adoption rate with the new Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA. Because the new SCBA combines safety and performance with a high emphasis on awareness of firefighter exposure, fire departments across Canada love this new piece of firefighting gear.

Trent Hills Fire Department

Fire Chief Tim Blake

“Modern SCBA do much more than supply breathing air. Integrated thermal imaging cameras, tracking devices and PASS alarms have increased the capabilities.


“The Trent Hills fire department first reviewed its needs and requirements. All 74 Firefighters, Auxiliary, and Cadets conducted evaluation with reproducible events. The evaluation covered items such as ease of use, ease of doffing and donning, comfort in full structural turnouts, ability to reach overhead, entanglement, and other various drills.


“The Trent Hills Fire Department is pleased that through a competitive process Scott will be providing self-contained breathing apparatus for our members. Providing our members with safe, reliable and state-of-the-art equipment that meets the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard is paramount to their safety.”


Parry Sound Fire Department

Fire Chief Dave Thompson

The Parry Sound Fire Department is made up of 35 paid on call members.  The response area is 98% urban and has a year-round population of 6,500 that swells to 20,000 during the summer months.

“The X3 Pro Air-Pak has significant wearability improvements over the previous model we were using. Firefighters are noting much better manoeuvrability with the articulated waist belt and form-fitting frame.


“The improvement in firefighter tracking in utilizing the SEMS monitoring system is greatly admired by our command staff. The software program is intuitive for the use of our officers and requires very little input from the firefighters to activate the tracking and monitoring system. To be able to know the available air of any firefighter with a SCBA on at the scene is information that will increase the safety levels of all our staff. The ability to communicate evacuation or withdrawal notices directly to all SCBA users and the users being able to acknowledge receipt of those notices without voice communications is a significant improvement on scene knowledge for our members.”


Pickering Fire Services

Deputy Fire Chief Jason Yoshida

Pickering Fire Services maintains four fire stations and serves a city of approximately 95,000 residents.  In early 2018, they replaced their SCBA with the Scott Air-Pak X3 Pro.  The project also included Scott Sights and Bluetooth voice amps for all their officers and acting officers.

“We have the responsibility to protect our firefighters and we continually strive to provide them with the best personal protective equipment.”

“For this project, we had certain criteria that had to be met before we made the decision for our selection and purchase.  Fit and comfort are very important for our firefighters.  We also wanted an SCBA that provided superior protection and was easy to maintain and clean. 

“The Air-Pak X3 Pro met all our criteria and exceeded our expectations.

“The improved comfort and fit of the Air-Pak X3 was evident and our firefighters noticed a significant improvement in their mobility compared to our old SCBA. 

“We know how important it is for firefighters to decontaminate themselves and the equipment they use after a fire.  The Air-Pak X3 Pro can be easily disassembled, decontaminated and put back in to service.

“What was also very impressive is the SEMS II System that is integrated in to all our SCBA.  The SEMS II will keep our firefighters connected to our Incident Commander who will be able to monitor their air consumption and monitor PARs electronically.

“After working with 3M SCOTT Fire & Safety on the selection of our SCBA we were able to include the purchase of the SCOTT Sights for all our Captains and Acting Captains.  These have proven to be a valuable tool offering hands-free thermal imaging cameras that officers use for crew accountability, search, rescue, salvage and overhaul.”

Learn more about the Air-Pak™ X3 Pro SCBA and request a demo today.