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The Ins and Outs of 3M™ PELTOR™ Products

In 1950, the Swedish Air Force had a problem: how could they protect their workers’ hearing in loud environments while also enabling them to communicate with one another?

Before 1950, the only way to hear radio communications in high-noise situations was to turn up the radio volume, increasing the noise level, compounding the problem and potentially even accelerating noise-induced hearing loss.

A man named Tore Palmaer initially had the idea of blocking out the harmful surrounding noise but still allowing communication through. This is how PELTOR Protective Communications was born.

Each PELTOR headset is designed to provide protective communication solutions that workers can rely on. PELTOR solutions are available in traditional over-the-ear and innovative in-ear solutions to many industries and are used by elite tactical military teams and law enforcement.

Why is the PELTOR™ brand known for being built tough for the working professional?

All day wearability

Workers need to be able to rely on their protective communication headset for comfort. PELTOR headsets are designed to be comfortable throughout the entire workday – an essential factor when wearing a headset throughout a long shift. PELTOR™ is unique because of its history of selecting high quality materials and components that are durable and long-lasting – and also lightweight. Workers who rely on PELTOR products appreciate their ability to conform to a wide variety of head shapes and sizes to provide a comfortable and long-term fit. This includes carefully selected foam pads that minimize painful pressure points on top of the head and around the ears. Each PELTOR headset is made with precision to help ensure proper balance and an evenly distributed weight for increased comfort.

Ergonomic design

Workers in difficult or dangerous work situations need to be able to focus unencumbered on the work they are doing. They need tools that are reliable and easy to use. That’s why PELTOR™ focuses on ergonomic design to help make protecting one’s hearing and communicating easy, and to help minimize disruption and distractions to workflow. PELTOR Communications Solutions provides workers with:

  • Activation buttons that are placed so they are easy to locate and actuate, even with gloved hands
  • Easy-to-use buttons that replace cumbersome dials to help minimize accidental adjustments
  • A voice menu to guide workers through headset menus and ensure they’re adjusting the intended setting to the necessary level
  • A voice menu that also helps workers adjust settings without needing to remove the headset, minimizing the risk of being exposed to hazardous noise

Ruggedized construction

Whether working high in the sky or deep underground, workers need to know the products they are using are professional-grade and can stand up to the rough conditions the job throws at them. And for PELTOR™, professional-grade typically means ruggedized construction that can repeatedly withstand bumps, moisture, heat and cold. Materials such as stainless steel and PVC help make the headset tough yet flexible, even in freezing temperatures.

Water-resistant design features such as sealing rings and coated circuit boards help keep water from penetrating and damaging the electronics. The use of thermoplastic rubber on the buttons helps protect the headsets from the elements, while also providing a surface that maintains flexibility over time. Inevitably, headset components such as ear cushions and eartips can wear over time, which is why the PELTOR brand offers a wide assortment of easily replaceable spare parts.

The PELTOR Promise

The 3M™ PELTOR™ Brand takes pride in understanding occupational communication needs and providing industry-leading, knowledgeable technical service to help you find the right solution for your needs and troubleshoot any questions or concerns you might have.

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