Safety training where you want it...

April 25, 2018

To help meet your need for live, in-person education, we offer numerous safety training opportunities across Canada. We offer a broad curriculum in our training centres, including fall protection, descent and rescue, and other specialty courses for particular trades or industries. We also offer on-site training that brings our experienced trainers and comprehensive programs right to your facility. At our site or yours, our skilled technical team delivers a high-quality experience, student engagement, knowledge retention and practical, hands-on exercises…

…and in the way you need it.

We know that every business and every worker has diverse needs, so we don’t stop there. We offer a broad variety of remote and mobile learning options, including

 •            Videos

•             3M Canada Safety Roadshows

•             Live and recorded webinars

•             Tools/applications

•             Demonstration trucks and more

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Solving unique safety challenges with high quality products
Solving unique safety challenges with high quality products

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Meet the expert: Jennifer Malik
Meet the expert: Jennifer Malik

BSC, CRSP - Senior Application Development Professional, Personal Safety Division, 3M Canada Company