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Innovation involving you

At 3M we approach our product development process with you as the focal point. Innovation in the occupational health and safety field is no easy task, especially when the point of emphasis is user safety and comfort. Therefore, these innovations are rarely developed behind closed doors and without collaboration between teams at 3M and the workforce.

That’s why, for decades, 3M’s approach to safety innovation has involved you: the business owners, safety managers and/or workers out in the field. We work with you to identify and understand the pain points—oftentimes literal ones—of your existing personal protective equipment (PPE). Then we direct our global resources, our vast network of research specialists and our many core technologies towards creating a better solution.

When combined with our large network of labs and manufacturing sites worldwide, we produce products that help you solve specific health and safety challenges at national, regional, and even local levels—helping you keep your workers safe and comfortable while exceeding existing compliance standards.