Not all training is created equal

April 25, 2018

In a rapidly evolving business and occupational health and safety landscape, one thing remains the same: the need for effective training and education to help you create and maintain a healthy and safe workplace. Whether you’re part of a large, complex international company, or a small, locally owned business, the world moves fast. You need a trusted, reliable resource that you can turn to for help with critical health and safety knowledge.

That’s where 3M thrives. With over 45 years in the personal protective equipment (PPE) business, our safety experience has helped us create a wide variety of thorough educational content for your use.

Online, at our site, or at your facility, we can deliver a broad array of training and educational experiences to help safety managers, business owners and workers stay connected, compliant, and most importantly, safe.

Helping you build your expertise

Our core strengths are fundamental health and safety topics relevant to PPE solutions in the workplace, helping your team learn about topics such as

 •            Occupational risk management

•             Exposure assessment

•             Health and safety program management

•             Hazard awareness and control

•             PPE selection, use & maintenance

•             Fit testing, regulations and standards

Our team has created learning materials to help you build your expertise as well as train and educate your workers.

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