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Offering critical insights and best practices

What’s the best way to understand the complex occupational health and safety challenges of any given industry? Employ people who have actually worked in them. That’s why so many former health and safety professionals have joined the 3M technical team. Our technical team has faced many of the same challenges you’ve faced, so we are able to bring our knowledge of similar challenges to our interactions—from our education and training to the design of our personal protective equipment (PPE).

Because we have such a breadth of experience and regularly work with customers across so many industries, we can offer critical insights and best practices to your specific job site. We take these learnings and relay them to you to help you apply these ideas to your health and safety programs and policies, so you can help better protect your workforce.

The best part? We’re local to you. Because we’re located across Canada, we’re better able to service your needs.

What does this mean for health and safety managers?

Part of the science of safety means leveraging the insights we learn in your field, as well as those gained in others to help enable you to achieve a safe and compliant workforce.

We take pride in having a team that constantly learns from our customers’ many real-world experiences—and then seeks to apply that knowledge to help employers across a range of other industries. This experience has the potential to help companies uncover new ways to protect workers’ health and safety.

Whether it is helping a customer in a shipyard evaluate and control a variety of potential eye injury hazards, or exploring similar issues in the rail industry, our real-world experience helps give customers more insight and ideas to help them find solutions for their health and safety challenges.