Safety product standards and regulations

April 25, 2018

CSA Group – Formerly the Canadian Standards Association – products bearing CSA-accreditation verifies that they are efficient and have met effective standardization in Canada. The registered mark on 3M products show that they have been independently tested and certified by CSA to meet the up-to-date and recognized safety and performance standards.  Find out more about CSA certified products here.

NIOSH – The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – as a part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the mandate of this agency is to ensure safe and healthful working conditions. At 3M, our NIOSH-approved respirators are developed using the latest technology, and have gone through rigorous testing and review, to help ensure you have the protection you need to get your job done safely.

ASTM International – The American Society for Testing and Materials International – ASTM internationally is a globally recognized leader in standards development. At 3M, we ensure our fall protection equipment meets the highest standards to ensure safety and comfort to bring you home safely at the end of the day.

NFPA – The National Fire Protection Association – The NFPA is an organization that conveys information and knowledge to eliminate injuries and fatalities due to fire, electrical and related hazards through their codes and standards. At 3M Canada our fall protection products that follow NFPA standards ensure that the effects of fire and other hazards are minimized while you’re on the job.

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Look for the CSA certification mark
Look for the CSA certification mark

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