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Work with our Canada team

Around the world, regulatory standards can often fuel the progress of industrial health and safety. As technologies, applications and worksites evolve, occupational health and safety standards are constantly being refined and improved.

It is this constant evolutionary process that often proves to be one of the greatest challenges for small and large businesses alike. Whether you’re a safety manager new to your position or a seasoned veteran, occupational health and safety standards are constantly evolving and changing – and it takes time and resources to understand how each change can affect the safety of your worksite. Relaying the correct safety information to your crew and making the appropriate changes to the personal protective equipment (PPE) on your worksite could help you to see a decrease in the number of workplace injuries.

This is why so many companies trust 3M to provide assistance on the regulatory front. We have an ever-expanding team of dedicated health and safety professionals who are aware of existing local standards and how they impact the design and use of PPE.

How can our Canada compliance team help you?

We use our resources to advise businesses operating across Canada to help them address these challenges, keeping their employees safe without violating any standards.

Beyond helping save you valuable time and money, our resources also go towards helping ensure that your workers are properly protected moving forward—no matter where they work.

But we don’t stop there.

Because our people spend much of their time in the field working directly with customers to better understand their health and safety challenges, we have a wealth of practical, real-world knowledge and application experience. We actively share this information and knowledge with the health and safety community. We demonstrate thought leadership backed by science, and we are key contributors and members of a variety of Canadian health and safety standard organizations.