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3M Auto Body Repair System

3M™ Body Repair System

Connect the 3M and Bondo brands to get your job done. Pick the right product. Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4,

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Bondo Step 1

Stage 1: Prepare

Stage 1 products are for removal of material in damaged areas in preparation for treatment and repair. These products help mask the area and remove paint and rust.

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Step 2 Repair

Stage 2: Repair

Stage 2 products are for removing dents, treating and repairing rust, reinforcing holes in preparation for filler application, pulling dents, patching holes and making small repairs.

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Stage 3 Fill

Stage 3: Fill

Stage 3 products are for applying body filler, feathering, sanding and re-applying. These products are for preparing the surface for primer.

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Stage 4 Finish

Stage 4: Finish

Stage 4 products are for the finishing step - sealing with primer, paint and polish.

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  • Determining the Type of Repair

    3M™ and Bondo® brand body repair products can help anyone make their car look better. Before you begin your project you'll want to determine the type of repair. Whether it's a small dent, large dent or rust out, the repair process is similar. We'll help you decide if it's a repair you want to tackle yourself or if it's a job for a professional.

  • Finishing Options

    3M™ and Bondo® brand products help you work on your project from start to finish. After filling and repairing your project, the final step is paint finishing. A good, clean surface is essential for a finished project you can be proud of. 3M™ and Bondo® brand products help you touch-up minor imperfections so your project is ready for priming and painting. Once the painting is finished, sandpaper and compounds complete the project.

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