Before and after pictures of headlight restoration.

Light the way to improved safety

With 3M you can restore your headlights and help improve driving safety for you and your family. 

Why should you restore your headlights?

UV rays from the sun and other environmental factors can severely degrade your headlight lenses over time. And not only does it affect the vehicle appearance, it also severely impacts night-time visibility. 

Imagine improving the brightness of your aging, yellowing headlight lenses by up to 200%. 3M headlight restoration solutions can help you do just that – improving visibility for you and for other drivers.

  • Car icon beside a calendar icon that has 6+ years on it.

    More than half of vehicles in Canada on the road are more than six years old.¹


  • Truck icon showing a headlight range of 60 metres.

    A CAA-Quebec study shows that the driver of a vehicle with headlights in good condition can see the signs 60 metres sooner than someone driving a vehicle with damaged lenses.²

See the results

Before and after pictures of headlight restoration. Before and after pictures of headlight restoration.

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