Auto Repair

Scratch Removal

Scratches and scuffs on your car are caused by everyday driving. Fingernails, boxes, brushes and more create light scratches in the clear coat that can be removed.

Paint Scratches

  • Overview

    Watch our technical expert discuss paint scratches & listen to our Tech Tips to help you determine when to use Scratch Remover, Rubbing Compound, or call a professional. Everyone gets paint scratches whether its from brushes, boxes, or fingernails and with 3M products the scratches can be removed.

  • Scratches that can be removed are in the surface of the clear coat.

    When a vehicle is manufactured, primer, coloured paint, and a final clear coat are applied to the vehicle. The 3M™ Scratch Removal products are designed to remove defects to the clear coat. Examples include fine scratches from automatic car wash brushes. Common areas in need of repair are the area around the door handle or the trunk.

  • The layers of a car's surface: clear coat, colour coat, primer and car part.


Additional Products for Scratch Removal

  • 3M™ Scratch & Scuff Removal Kit (39087C)


  • 3M™ Rubbing Compound, 39002, 16 fl oz (473.17 ml)


  • 3M™ Super Duty Rubbing Compound, 39004


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