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Now there's a better way

Introducing another method for protecting construction joints and through-penetrations from fire, water, smoke and sound.

Meet the firestopping products that raise the standard

Put down the sprayer and get to work with revolutionary, fast-installing 3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape and 3M™ Smoke and Sound Tape. These tapes are tested and listed with both UL and Interek to ASTM E2307, E1966 and E814 as well as CAN/ULC S-115 and S-102. These are the only products on the market that use patent-pending 3M technology to help provide instant fire, water, smoke and sound protection in convenient tape form.

3M™ Fire and Water and 3M™ Smoke and Sound Tapes

3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape and 3M™ Smoke and Sound Tape provide tough, elastomeric protection from fire, water, smoke and sound. A unique pressure-sensitive adhesive aggressively sticks and stays stuck to a wide variety of substrates at both high and low temperatures, and will even adhere to damp surfaces.

Where "get it right" meets "get it done."
  • A person applying 3M™ tape through an iron rod, demonstrating the strength of the product.
    Code compliant

    These tapes have been specifically tested to the rigours of UL and ASTM standards and are designed to meet the International Building Code. Clear markings prove you're using an approved product.

  • A  worker applying 3M™ Smoke and Sound Tape on wall.
    Fast and efficient

    Simple, easy-to-learn installation and instant results with no prep time, no cleaning equipment, no mixing and no cure time.

  • Side view of 3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape hanging from a worker's belt.

    Tapes are lightweight and portable — no need to haul heavy pallets of spray, caulk, caulk guns, sprayers or cleaning solvents to the job site.

  • A worker pulling a large cement block from freezer with the help of 3M Tape, demonstrating extreme weather condition effect on tape.
    Usable in extreme weather conditions

    High-tack adhesive is effective in extreme temperatures and on damp surfaces, with no need for special primers. Surface should be free from frost and debris.

Featured firestopping sprays

  • A sprayable, moisture-curing hybrid siliconized polymer that forms a tough, elastomeric coating. This material is used to firestop perimeter joints, like curtain wall joints, and other construction joints that need to prevent fire and water from moving floor to floor.

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  • A water-based material that dries to form a durable, elastomeric firestop coating. This material, when used as part of an assembly, will firestop building joints, perimeter joints (curtain wall), and through-penetration seals.

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