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Get a professional-quality finish every time with long-lasting, high-performance 3M™ Floor Pads. Each pad is engineered to deliver optimal results on a specific maintenance task, helping you save time and making it easier to keep your floors looking their very best.

Pads stacked on top of each other to show the efficiency of 3M™ Floor Pads.

4 times more efficient.

Longer-lasting floor pads need to be replaced less often. It takes 4 times as many competitive pads to strip a floor compared to a 3M™ Stripping Pad.*

* To achieve the same efficient floor finish removal, one 3M™ Black Stripper Floor Pad 7200 is needed compared to four competitive Black Strip floor pads.

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    It’s what’s inside that counts.

    Floor pads may look the same on the outside, but on the inside is where it really counts. And that’s where 3M’s long history in abrasive technology really stands out. Anybody can make a floor pad but not everyone can make a floor pad that maintains its effectiveness day after day of hard use.

The fibres tell the story.

  •  Microscopic view of a 3M™ Floor Pad shows a fibre coated with minerals and resins.
    3M™ Floor Pad Fibres

    Thin, conformable fibres are uniformly coated with minerals and tough, water-based resins throughout the pad — not just on the surface — producing more consistent results and maximizing pad-to-floor contact.

  • Microscopic view of a competitor's floor pad shows a smooth, uncoated fibre.
    Other floor pad fibres

    Larger, stiffer fibres are randomly coated on surface areas only, providing fewer contact points with the floor and inconsistent results.

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