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A video still of a worker using a roller to smooth out flexographic plate mounting tape over a surface.

Flexographic Plate Mounting

Where science meets craft.

You’re passionate about getting it right and dedicated to making sure every job that comes off your press is the best it can be. You need mounting and printing tape solutions that deliver optimal, consistent and productive quality. Every time. From every angle.

3M Print Quality Advantage

  • A worker inspecting a piece of plate mounting machinery.
    Plate Mounting

    Plate mounting requires concentration and skill. We help you get it right.

  • A worker putting a roll of material into a machine.
    On Press

    During the print run you keep an eye on print quality. We help keep each run rolling smoothly.

  • Hands unrolling a roll of material.

    When the run is done, we’ll help reduce the incidence of plate damage and worker fatigue.

3M Flexographic Solutions

All these flexographic plate mounting tapes offer strong edge hold to prevent lifting and are produced with tight caliper tolerances so you can be assured the end of the roll is the same thickness as the beginning. They also offer air-release technology to help prevent bubbles and come in a variety of foam densities to meet the needs of different print jobs.

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Shop Talk — Industry Information and Insights

  • One-piece demounting helps you re-use flexo plates and improve productivity.

  • Criteria to keep in mind when you’re choosing a flexo mounting tape for your print job.

  • Our expert engineers talk about the flexo printing industry and how 3M helps customers thrive.

  • Finding the balance between speed and quality is an ever-changing part of the printing craft. We can help.

  • A video still showing a roll of orange material.
    How to Select a Flexographic Mounting Tape

    Printing has evolved over the centuries, and now improvements come constantly.

  • A screenshot of eight 3M flexographic experts in an online meeting that offer remote support for all stages of the print process.
    Shop Talk / Stories - In This Together Virtual Trouble Shooting Video

See how 3M can help you at every step of production — optimal, consistent and productive results.

  • Printing technician checking alignment of a roll of flexographic tape before printing.
    Flexographic Optimal Pillar
  • Print technician inspecting the quality of a print job using a magnifier.
    Flexographic Consistent Pillar
  • Print technician unwrapping a roll of flexographic tape for printing preparation.
    Flexographic Productive Pillar
  • Print technician demounting a flexographic plate after a print job for re-use later on.
    Plate and Tape Demounting

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