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Separable connectors

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The 600/900A molded T-Body is ideal to use when connecting to deadbreak apparatus bushings. It also is an optimal solution when cost constraints are a concern or if you already have some of the components for the application.

Benefits of the 600/900A molded T-Body

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    An easy, reliable way to terminate cables and equipment and splice primary cable up to 35kV.

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    Fully shielded deadbreak equipped with a bolted connection for either aluminum (600A) or copper (900A).

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    Designed and tested for the following industry standards:

    • ANSI/IEEE Std 386: For Separable Insulated Connector Systems*
    • ANSI C119.4: For Electric Connectors*
    • IEEE Std 592: For Exposed Semiconducting Shields*


    *Data on file.

  • A black, T-shaped separable connector.

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    Do you need to terminate sheilded power cables? By working directly with our electrical experts we can create a custom kit solution for you that includes the 600/900A molded T-Body.

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