A seperable connector plugged into a bushing.

Separable Connectors for Utilities

Find out how these range-taking deadbreak elbows with easy-to-apply cold shrink jackets can help you on your medium voltage projects.

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The introduction of cold shrink for separable connectors is an improvement that provides multiple benefits to the traditional push-on technology.

Benefits of cold shrink technology in deadbreaks

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    Eliminates cable adapter.

    With the help of cold shrink technology the stress cone is embedded in the actual deadbreak body - eliminating the need to push on "finicky" cable adapters.

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    Ease of installation.

    Cold shrink technology provides an all-in-one deadbreak body reduces the number of components and installation steps - helping to provide a faster and safer install.

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    Reduced inventory.

    Three deadbreak bodies cover all applications.

A Closer Look at the CS8 Series – Cold Shrink R-800

  • Advantages include:
    • Using cold shrink technology
    • Eliminating cable adapters
    • Range-taking
    • Integrated jacket seal
    • Integrated 200A loadbreak elbow tap plug
  • If you want to find out more details about the benefits of the CS8 Series – Cold Shrink R-800 contact an expert.
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    Can be customized in 3M™ JobBox.

    The possibilities are endless! Create a custom project specific kit with the CSH Series – Cold Shrink Hammerhead or CS8 Series – Cold Shrink R-800.

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Learn more about using and installing seperable connectors with cold shrink technology.

  • A video still of a power and utility  worker installing a CSH Cold Shrink Hammerhead on a bushing.
    See how the CSH Cold Shrink Hammerhead can help simplify your installation process.
  • A video still of a 3M lab technician testing a CSH Cold Shrink Hammerhead.
    See what happened when the CSH Cold Shrink Hammerhead was put up against a traditional push-on deadbreak.
  • A video still of a person installing a CS8 Series Cold Shrink R-800.
    See how to install the CS8 Series Cold Shrink R-800.

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Have a unique project? We can customize a kit for your specific needs.

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