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3M™ Scotchlite™ Brand technical solutions services

Get help from our team of experts

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    Product choice

    Consult with our experienced sales and technical service representatives for help selecting the best solution for your design requirements, and assistance with technical issues and questions.

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    Design modifications
    Gain expert feedback to help you maximize visibility, comfort and performance.
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    Design comparisons
    If you have multiple design options, we have tools to help you compare effectiveness in terms of both visibility and durability.
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    Regulatory compliance
    Standards for personal protective equipment are developed by the CSA Group with the support of many Canadian employer/labour users, producers, special interest groups and regulators. CSA Z96-15 addresses high-visibility safety apparel, an area where consistency in Canadian regulations and standards is necessary.

Services are ongoing and include

  • On-site manufacturing consultation
  • Training on new applications and quality processes and/or equipment for production scale-up
  • Ongoing technical and troubleshooting services/factory visits as needed
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Technical support: 1-800-267-4414