Bonding & Assembly Applications

Applications for bonding and assembly

Common bonding and assembly types

  • Here’s built-to-last non-metal attaching power that lets you improve performance, speed assembly, enhance appearance and know each bond will stand the test of time. 3M’s attaching solutions help you bring a higher-quality, more competitive product to market.

  • Tapes and adhesives offer a range of products for panel-to-frame and stiffener-to-panel applications.

  • Massive strength in small places. Small joint assembly product solutions hold tight and last longer.

  • Seal the deal with product solutions that stop shearing and peeling and maintain flexibility.

  • A beautiful hold, every time. The perfect tools for stylish performance.

  • Keep fluids in their place and out of your space.

  • Sealing, potting and encapsulating product solutions for ultimate protection.

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