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Laminating adhesives

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Laminating adhesives for bonding surfaces

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Plastic to metal. Foam to plastic. Even chrome to foam. 3M™ Laminating Adhesives fit most production processes, meet application requirements including cold- and high-temperature adhesions and have the flexibility to adhere to most materials and substrates such as foam, plastic and metal.

  • Bonding to foam

    Adhere materials to foam surfaces with a soft adhesive, high initial tack, excellent peel adhesions and shear strength when you use 3M™ Foam Lamination Tapes.
  • Bonding to plastic

    Bond materials to plastic surfaces with high initial bond strength, high shear strength and good anti-lifting properties on flat and curved surfaces when you use 3M™ Tapes for Hard-to-Bond Surfaces.
  • Bonding to metal

    Attach materials to metal and high surface energy substrates with excellent adhesion, high shear strength and high temperature resistance when you use 3M™ High Performance Acrylic Adhesive 200MP.
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  • A laminating adhesive sheet pulled back from a surface.
  • Simply thin

    Our thinnest pressure sensitive adhesive tapes consist of a thin adhesive tape without a carrier or backing.

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Thin bonding product categories

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  • Adhesive transfer tapes

    Join dissimilar materials and easily die cut parts with 3M's thinnest pressure-sensitive tapes, consisting of a thin adhesive tape without a carrier or backing.
  • Double-coated polyester tapes

    Maintain dimensional stability and easily die cut and laminate when you use 3M's high-performance tapes composed of a polyester carrier with adhesive on both sides.
  • Double-coated tissue tapes

    Get high initial adhesion, good temperature holding power and dimensional stability for handling with 3M's medium-firm acrylic adhesive system made with a tissue carrier.
  • Adhesive transfer gun tapes and applicators

    Bond to a variety of materials and surface shapes with 3M's ATG tapes, and use adhesive applicators for quick, easy, single-handed manual applications.

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