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Myth #5: “I’m on my own to figure this out.”

Disproved: 3M is here to help.

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3M has been designing and innovating adhesives for decades and we’re happy to work with your team to find the best adhesives for your product and process.

3M has your back.

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    40+ Years and 75+ Global Adhesive Specialists

    Adhesives are a core part of iconic 3M brands and we’ve been designing structural adhesives for over 40 years. Our expert engineers regularly work with multiple bonding options from tapes to sprays and hot melts to structural adhesives to help customers find the best options while keeping costs in line.

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    35+ Global Application Engineers

    In addition to adhesive specialists, 3M has over 35 global application engineers who offer testing and reporting for customers of all sizes, industries and locations. They test the strength performance of multiple adhesives on specific substrates under different heat, humidity and force levels.

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    3 Global Adhesive Solutions Labs

    3M has built global adhesive solutions laboratories in China, Germany and the United States. Here, customers and 3M engineers come together to test adhesive options using different manual and automated equipment from tabletop dispense stations so sophisticated screen and jet printing dispensers.

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    Meet two of our engineers who have worked with structural adhesive customers.

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    See more about automated dispensing.

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