A person applying 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Urethane Multi-Material Composite Adhesive to a piece of wood.

Urethane adhesives

Find out which 3M urethane adhesive has the bond strength and flexibility you need for your project.

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Benefits of urethane adhesives

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    Cure quickly and are simple to use
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    Provide a structural bond
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    Improve impact resistance

Key markets

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Other structural adhesives

  • Two-part adhesives that offer great strength and design flexibility.

  • Excellent durability and resistance to environmental extremes.

  • One-part products that combine the speed of hot melt adhesives with the structural benefits of moisture-curing chemistries.

  • Provide tight fits and seals in thread-locking, pipe-sealing and related applications.

  • Achieve high performance and excellent adhesion quickly.

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