The Ultimate Spray Gun

Experience the feeling of using a new spray gun every day. With an innovative design and replaceable atomizing heads for every type of coat, our Accuspray ONE Spray Gun System helps you spend less time cleaning and maintaining, and a lot more painting.

The ultimate spray gun.

One gun to get the job done

A simple design with minimal replacement parts and interchangeable atomizing heads for every coat makes Accuspray™ Spray Gun your ultimate choice.

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Take the "pain" out of "painting"

Painting would be so much better—cleaner, faster, more efficient—if you could start with new tools every time.

The Accuspray™ Spray Gun gives you the experience of a brand new spray gun with each use. Its simple design, with interchangeable atomizing heads for every coat makes Accuspray™ Spray Gun the ultimate all-in-one, utility spray gun, from primer to clear coat finish.

The experience of a brand new spray gun each time, without the cost

Don't spend more time cleaning up than painting. Spend more time painting with the 3M™ Accuspray™ Spray Gun System.

  • A wide array of atomizing heads

    Ultimate versatility

    A single spray gun. A range of heads for primer, sealer, base coat and colour, and clear coat finish. One simple solution.

  • Atomized spray pattern with very little overspray

    Enhanced atomization

    Get a finely atomized spray pattern with very little overspray.

  • Cutting edge, easy-to-clean spray gun.

    An all-in-one spray gun solution

    Painting is efficient and uncomplicated with this easy-to clean spray gun, a range of atomizing heads, and disposable cups and liners.

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See the 3M™ Accuspray™ Spray Gun in action

Chip Foose shows you how it's done, with the full range of atomizing heads.

  • 2.0mm

    Apply polyester and heavy-build primers.

  • 1.8mm

    Ensure a consistent coat of basic primer.

  • 1.4mm

    Add sealer simply and easily.

  • 1.3mm

    Apply your base coats and colour.

  • 1.2mm

    Finish with a beautiful clear coat.

Accuspray™ Solution Products

  • Accuspray™ Spray Gun

    Designed for maximum versatility.

  • Atomizing heads

    A full range of atomizing heads are customized for each application from primer to finish.

  • The complete package

    Our Accuspray™ Spray Gun System includes everything you need to get painting.

  • Accessories and replacement parts

    Keep your Accuspray™ Spray Gun working at its best, with air flow control valves, storage systems, new atomizing heads and more.

  • Bbottles of paint

    Mix it up


    Save time… and paint. Our 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System is a disposable mixing system that eliminates traditional mixing pots and filters, and makes mixing primers, base coats and clear coats simple.


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