Paint Prep

Paint preparation


Paint preparation is an essential step to the perfect paint job and reducing the need for touch-ups afterwards. 3M has you covered with flexible abrasives, cleaners, and masking tapes to help ensure the vehicles you're working on are optimally prepped, from sanding and putty application to masking,

Standard operating procedures

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Surface preparation
  • 3M Flexible Abrasive Hookit Hand Sheets

    Enjoy the versatility of 3M™ Flexible Abrasive Hookit™ Hand Sheets for everything from primer sanding to paint finishing. Designed to be used wet or dry, they can easily access tight contours and hard-to-reach areas thanks to their flexible build. And 3M™ Hookit™ Sheet Backing makes them compatible with any 3M™ Hookit™ Brand accessory!

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Standard operating procedures

  • Basecoat Denib

    Basecoat denib


  • Blended Panel Prep

    Blended panel prep


  • New Bumper Prep

    New bumper prep


  • New Panel Prep

    New panel prep


  • Refinish Bumper Prep

    Refinish bumper prep


  • 3M Smooth Transition Tape

    One of the key indicators of a high-quality paint job is the absence of hard paint lines in jambs. And eliminating hard paint lines can often require re-shooting, sanding, buffing or other time consuming rework -- all of which drain shop productivity and increase cycle times.

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Featured masking tapes

  • 3M™ Masking Tape, 2308

    An excellent ‘all-round' tape. 2308 offers great conformability and handling properties with its crepe paper backing and synthetic rubber adhesive system making it suitable for paint masking, sealing and bundling applications.

  • 3M™ Automotive Refinish Masking Tape, 388N

    Automotive Refinish Masking Tape is designed for masking before painting -- it bends and stretches to follow curved body lines with no edge lifting, leaves sharp paint lines, removes easily with no adhesive transfer.

  • Scotch® Masking Tape, 233+

    A highly-conformable tape that provides the best adhesive transfer resistance, hugs curves, contours and provides outstanding paint lines. Goes on quickly and easily, sticks at a touch and stays put. Perfectly balanced to give outstanding masking results.

  • 3M™ Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape PLUS, 50421

    Masking jamb areas and producing an invisible repair is a constant challenge. Whether using folded tape, foam or conventional masking tape and paper, special care is taken to achieve the desired results in the jambs. This extra effort takes valuable repair time.

Standard operating procedures

  • General Masking

    General masking


  • Jamb Masking

    Jamb masking


  • Primer Masking

    Primer masking


  • Since 1925

    The tale of our tape

    At the dawn of the 20th century auto painters were struggling to create clean lines between two-tone paint jobs. 3M engineer Richard Drew responded with the world's first masking tape: a tan crepe paper backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive. For more than a century the technology in our masking tapes has continued to evolve based on your needs. Today we're proud to help you explore new and better ideas.

Total Automotive Sanding System for Paint Preparation

Total Automotive Sanding System for paint preparation

Less dust. Less wasted time.

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