A person wearing work gloves using a 3M Pistol Grip Disc Sander to sand an automotive aluminum part.

Body repair solutions

An overview of abrasives and power tools for each critical stage of body repair.

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Total Automotive Sanding System for Body Repair

Total automotive sanding system for body repair

Goodbye dust. Hello profits.

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Aluminum repair

  • Proper Metalwork on Aluminum Panels in Collision Repair

    Proper cleaning and replacement of aluminum parts


  • Proper Metalwork on Aluminum Panels in Collision Repair

    Proper metalwork on aluminum panels


Bumper repair

  • Proper Repair of Crack or Tear on Plastic Bumper Products

    Proper repair of a crack or tear on a plastic bumper


  • Identifying and Repairing Structural Plastic Tab

    Identifying and repairing structural plastic tabs


Dent repair

  • Small Damage, Dents and Imperfection Repairs on Metal Panels

    Small damage, dents and imperfection repairs on metal panels


  • Proper Process of Repairing Damage Requiring Pulling Pins or Studs Repairs

    Proper process to repair damage requiring pulling pins or stud


Door skin repair or replacement

  • Proper Removal of Exterior Door Skin in Collision Repair Process

    Proper removal of an exterior door skin


  • Replacement and Installation of the Door Skin to OEM Standards

    Replacement and installation of the door skin to OEM standards


  • Process for Removing OEM Seam Sealers and Coatings

    Process for removing OEM seam sealers and coatings


Panel repair or replacement

  • Proper Steps when Repairing Steel Panel in Collision Repair

    Proper process when repairing steel panels

  • Combining Panel Bond Adhesive and Welding in Collision Repair

    Combining panel bond adhesive and welding

  • Combining Seam Sealing and Welding In Collision Repair

    Combining seam sealing and welding

  • Proper Use of Welding and Spark Deflection Paper for Collision Repair

    Proper use of welding and spark deflection paper

  • Proper Steps When Using Panel Bond in Collision Repair

    Proper steps when using panel bond

Sound deadening

  • Replacing and replicating sound deadener video

    Replacing and replicating sound deadener

  • Off vehicle restoration of sound deadener video

    Off vehicle restoration of sound deadener

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