A worker using 3M power tools to grind a piece of metal in a shop.

Outfit your tools, and yourself, with the best abrasive products in the industry.

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Take on any tough task

Withstand grinding on the toughest metal substrates, deliver fine finishes and get through all the stages in between with 3M industrial abrasives. When combined with our selection of industrial adhesives and tapes and safety products, they’ll prepare your team for whatever challenge comes your way.

Three abrasive discs, with a rectangle containing the text 'SAFETY BUILT IN'.

Learn how 3M Abrasives help keep operators safe

See how our safety is built in

  • A metalworker wearing a variety of 3M personal protective equipment, grinding a piece of metal with 3M power tools.

    Anatomy of a metalworker

    You do a lot of things. Explore the ways we can help.

    You do a lot of things. Explore the ways we can help.

Hearing protection
Eyewear and face protection

Find the integrated head, face and hearing protection for your work, with 3M™ Versaflo™ M-Series Headtops.


Having the right tool system for the job is an essential part of any application. 3M™ Grinders are engineered to power abrasives and accessories — making your cutting, grinding, blending or finishing jobs fast, easy and efficient.

Metal grinding

Experience the long life and speed of 3M's precision-shaped grain technology — in an innovative bonded-wheel construction designed for everyday high performance.

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3M™ Versaflo TR-600 Powered Air Respirator

Benefit from ease of use and comfort even for extended periods of time. With our ergonomic design, we've got your back, but you won't feel it.

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A worker using a 3M™ File Belt Sander.

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