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Superabrasives for Round Tool Grinding

Round Tool Manufacturing with 3M Superabrasives

Round tool manufacturing includes complicated geometries and tight tolerances. 3M diamond and CBN superabrasive wheels are an ideal solution for the complexity and precision required in the manufacturing of end mills, drills and other carbide and high-speed steel cutting tools. Partner with 3M application engineers to provide optimized grinding solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Typical Abrasive Wheels Used for Round Tool Grinding

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3M™ Gashing Wheels

Shape 1V1 is used to grind a slot or notch along the cutting face to allow for chip flow. Available in diamond and CBN mineral.

3M™ Wheels for End Work

Shapes 11A1 and 11V2 are used to grind small relief angles on the face (tip) of the tool, reducing the contact area between the tool and the workpiece.

3M™ Primary Relief Wheels

Shapes 11V9, 12V9, and 11V5 are used to remove material directly behind the cutting edge, helping enhance chip clearance. Available in diamond and CBN mineral.

Outside Diameter (OD) Grinding Wheels

Shape 1A1 are ideal for grinding blanks to their final diameter and are optimized for OD grinding on carbide and high speed steel. Available in diamond and CBN mineral.

3M™ Fluting Wheels

Shapes 1A1 and 1V1 grind either helical or straight grooves into the cutting tool body, creating a pathway for chip removal and for coolants to reach the surface.

3M™ Secondary Relief Wheels

Used to grind a slight bevel next to the primary relief. Recommended shapes are 11V9, 12V9 or 11V5.

3M™ Cut-Off Wheels

Shape 1A1R is used to trim blanks to length and are typically used on the cutting end when re-grinding and on the shank end when forming a blank.

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Featured round tool grinding product

  • A drill bit touching a 3M™ Diamond Grinding Wheel X-Series.
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