The side of a van covered in vehicle wrap with a reflective blue/white strip.

Revolutionize how your brand is seen.

Ready to see what a reflective wrap can do in real time? Sample 3M™ Scotchlite™ Print Wrap Film 780mC-10R—which is retro-reflective at wider viewing angles – to see for yourself.

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Reflective Films

Reflecting your brand—day and night.

Take your wrap to the next level with 3M reflective films that bring your brand to life – no matter the time of day. For vinyl car wraps and building graphics, reflective films ensure your eye-catching designs make a lasting impression on customers.




Tell your story in a better light.

Boost your brand’s visibility and achieve a bold and vibrant aesthetic. Discover the benefits of using 3M™ Scotchlite™ Print Wrap Film 780mC-10R for vinyl wall wraps and vehicle wraps.

  • A worker spreading a film on the door of a vehicle.
    Minimize bruising.

    Overstretching and creasing can often occur during wrap installation, which can lead to bruising. Exclusive properties in Film 780mC-10R enable minor defects, such as bruising, to be minimized or eliminated using heat.

  • A man creating diagrams on a whiteboard.
    Achieve the perfect cut.

    The unique reflective components of Scotchlite™ film 780mC-19R give the film more density, which requires different finishing techniques to ensure a perfect wrap.

  • A man peeling a vehicle film off the door of a SUV.
    Efficiently install.

    High conformability and reliable repositioning capabilities are crucial elements for a quick and easy film installation. Scotchlite™ film 780mC-19R features increased conformability that handles curves and complex shapes, as well as Comply™ Adhesive with micro technology for efficient installation and easier removal.

  • A man peeling a graphic film from a wall.
    Wrap nearly any surface.

    From vehicles to textured walls, Scotchlite™ film 780mC-19R provides breathtaking visuals on nearly any surface. Learn the best techniques to achieve consistently successful installations on textured walls.

  • A hand using a smoothing tool on a yellow graphic film.
    Rivets? No worries!

    Rivets can be a roadblock during the vehicle wrapping process. Learn important application do’s and don’ts in this demonstration by one of our expert graphics installers. Here’s a hint: firm bristles.

  • A hand feeling a yellow graphic film with an air bubble.
    Burst those bubbles.

    Learn how to help prevent bubbles in your vehicle graphics. Our expert graphics installer demonstrates the use of Comply™ Adhesive technology. The secret is literally in the palm of your hand.

Additional 3M Reflective Film Products

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  • Get the speed of application you need with this versatile reflective film that features pressure-activated Comply™ Adhesive with air release. It's available in a wide variety of colours for both digital and screen printing.

  • Cost-effective graphic film never looked so good. Create radiant reflective designs for customers who are looking to stay within a budget.

  • Enhance advertising effectiveness, identification and safety 24 hours a day. With printable reflective graphics, brands can completely wrap their fleet for full visibility of their campaigns day and night.

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Shine a light on your designs with printable reflective films. They're perfect for your vehicle wraps, textured graphics, wall wraps and more. If you're a graphics manufacturer or a graphics installer, try it for yourself and experience the vibrancy today!

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