Graphic installers printing on 3M graphics material.

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3M's full-service network is here to help you with your graphics project.

3M Authorized Distributors

To purchase a 3M Graphics Market product, contact one of our authorized distributors.

3M Select Graphics Providers

Our national network of 3M Select Graphic Providers are valued 3M partners who can help you create and execute your graphic solution. All 3M Platinum and Gold Select Graphic Providers must pass 3M’s thorough auditing process to achieve this elite status and are recognized by 3M as leaders in the graphics industry.

  • Platinum

    This is the highest level of recognition in the 3M Select Graphic Provider program. To achieve Platinum status, companies must make significant investments to demonstrate their commitment to the graphics industry. Our Select Platinum Graphic Providers are synonymous with high-quality graphics from start to finish. Not only can they offer you a peace of mind with 3M's Matched Component System (MCS™) Warranty, they also have third-party accreditation for quality standards. Platinum partners must also have the ability to execute national programs for large brands.

    All 3M Select Platinum Graphics Providers:

    Are able to provide the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty

  • Gold

    Companies at the Gold level of the 3M Select Graphic Provider program ensure the quality of their graphics by producing them with the correct inks, materials and on the right printers to qualify for 3M's Matched Component System (MCS™) warranty where applicable. They must also have the capacity to execute national programs for large brands and events.

    All 3M Select Gold Graphics Providers:

    Are able to provide the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty

  • Silver

    Our Silver level partners are committed to providing high-quality 3M graphics to their customers and can offer 3M™ Performance Guarantee on applicable graphics.

    All 3M Select Silver Graphics Providers:

    Are able to provide the 3M™ Performance Guarantee

Find a 3M Select Graphics provider near you.

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Find a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer

All 3M Preferred Installers are committed to success. They must complete three levels of training, which includes intense hands-on testing, to receive their certification. These highly trained individuals are qualified to execute your project professionally.

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