monitor with anti glare overlay

Science. Applied to reducing screen glare and scratches.



Help protect your screens against glare, scratches, and scuffs with innovative solutions from 3M. Our screen protection products help keep screens looking like new without interfering with your device's functionality.



Anti-Glare Products

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See what's on your screen, not what's reflected in it.

  • smartphone with partial anti-glare film overlay

    Improve your view with 3M Anti-Glare Solutions

    Don't let bright light and reflections get between you and your screen. Amazing optical technology from 3M diffuses mirror-like reflections to help keep what's on your screen clear and visible.

    • Diffuses light and helps reduce glare 
    • Improved viewing in challenging indoor light conditions 
    • Compatible with most touchscreen displays 
    • Lightweight, thin, frameless design
    • Gives screens a layer of added protection from dust and scratches
    • Multiple attachment options for monitors and laptops 
    • Matte surface hides fingerprints



Ultra Clear Products

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Help protect your mobile device with durable, ultra clear screen protectors.

  • Durable scratch resistance and clarity perfectly suited for today's glossy, high-resolution, mobile touchscreen devices. Keep your smartphone looking like new longer.