Privacy and Protection for Tablets

Find a product that fits your device

3M offers a breadth of screen privacy and protection products for a variety of tablet brands. 3M™ Black Privacy Filters help keep visual hackers in the dark by "blacking-out" side views while you still get incredible image clarity. Our 3M™ Anti-Glare Filters help reduce irritating glare and mirror-like reflections in challenging and changing indoor light. Explore our privacy and protection products below and find the right solution for your tablet.

Une image montrant comment le Filtre de confidentialité 3M(MC) protège les renseignements sur l’écran d’une tablette selon différentes rotations.

Ultra thin, ultra responsive.

Privacy for Tablets

  • A yellow computer screen with a partial privacy filter overlay hiding some of the information.

    Easy to attach, remove and reattach, so you can help keep your tablet screen private from the side-views of visual hackers and share your screen when you want to.

    Privacy when you need it
    Attach the filter to "black out" side views in public places, and easily remove the filter when you need to share content on your screen.

    Ultra thin, ultra responsive
    Thinner and more responsive to touch than ever offered before from 3M, giving you protection from visual hackers without getting in the way of using your device. It almost feels like nothing's there.

    Smooth matte finish
    Fingers slide and swipe easily across the satin-like surface, just like on your touchscreen. Matte finish helps reduce irritating glare and light reflections, and hides fingerprints.

  • An infographic depicting the 60-degree ‘black-out’ viewing angle of 3M™ Privacy Filters.


    • 3M™ Privacy Filters fade to black starting at the 30-degree side angle
    • Effective "black out" privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle
    • Consistent touch responsiveness
    • Great for high-resolution screens with higher pixel density
    • Incredible image clarity
    • Satin-like matte finish is smooth to the touch
    • Reduces glare and hides fingerprints
    • Helps protect from everyday dust and scratches
    • Easy to attach, remove and clean
    • Reduces 35% of blue light transmission from the display

Protection for Tablets

  • A smartphone with a screen protector.


    • Diffuses light and helps reduce glare
    • Lightweight, thin, frame-less design
    • Gives screens an added layer of durable protection from dust and scratches
    • Matte surface cleans easily and hides fingerprints
  • A tablet with an anti-glare screen.

    Helps reduce mirror-like reflections from bright lights to help keep what's on your tablet screen clear and visible.

    See Clearly
    Incredible technology diffuses light and helps reduce glare so your screen is easier to see in challenging and changing indoor lighting conditions.

    Smooth and touch-sensitive
    High quality, touch-responsive matte surface feels smooth to the touch. Helps reduce glare and hide fingerprints without getting in the way of using your device.

    Lightweight, thin, easy to use
    Applies easily and removes cleanly.