Black Privacy for Smartphones

Find a product that fits your device

Help keep visual hackers in the dark while you get incredible optical clarity and an extra layer of protection from everyday dust and scratches. Explore our versatile screen privacy products for smartphones.

Privacy in your pocket.

Privacy for Smartphones

  • smartphone at an angle showing partial blackout of screen

    Privacy Screen Protectors

    Remain productive on the go, while helping keep your screen protected and your confidential texts, emails, calendars and alerts, well, confidential.

    Privacy when you need it
    Maintain "black out" visual privacy from side views in portrait mode, or change the orientation to landscape when you want to share your screen.

    A "clear" winner
    Designed for optimal clarity. You get a clear view of your screen while prying eyes to the side see a darkened screen.

    Durable screen protection
    Adds an extra layer of protection from everyday scratches and dust. Stay-clean edge technology helps prevent dust and grime from collecting on the edges of the screen protector.

  • smartphone showing product application


    • Effective privacy in portrait mode; change orientation for shareable screen viewing
    • Thin and touch-sensitive
    • Incredible image clarity and glossy finish
    • Custom fit for various phone sizes and brands
    • Helps protect from everyday dust and scratches
    • Easy to attach and remove cleanly 
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