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Is your company's reputation at stake?

Help keep important information away from prying eyes.

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Your company's brand reputation may be at stake.

Protecting confidential data—including private customer information—from visual hackers may help protect your company’s brand value and reputation. Consider these results from a recent study*:

  • Person with laptop. 65% would lose trust.

    65% of consumers say a data breach would cause them to lose trust in a brand.


    *Ponemon Institute "The Impact of Data Breaches on Reputation & Shared Value," sponsored by Centrify, 2017.


  • CMO sitting at computer. 71% of CMOs.

    71% of CMOs believe the biggest cost of a security incident is the loss of brand value.

  • Laptop with lock icon on screen. 80% of consumers would agree.

    80% of consumers believe organizations have an obligation to take steps to secure their personal information.

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Privacy Resources, News and Article

Investigate articles, whitepapers, tools and resources to help educate yourself and your organization on the importance of visual privacy.

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  • Learn more about visual hacking

    It's a real threat. We have proof. See the results of the Visual Hacking Experiment.

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    Find a privacy product that fits your device screen now.

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  • Volume pricing

    Large orders may qualify for volume pricing.

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Outfit your organization for maximum privacy

3M™ Privacy Products are designed to help keep your sensitive data safe.

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